FAEC  is a bespoke educational consultancy that creates educational tools in global markets for learners, teachers and schools.  Our  agency offers almost two decades of experience as senior leaders, teachers and educational innovators

We teach, train, upskill, and lead in developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the education sector.   From 'train the trainer' programs to supporting parents to navigate the school system. We are proud of our advocacy work providing advice and supporting training organisations and learners.

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Black and White Students

What we do

We provide academic support for learners of all ages. Whatever your educational background we are here to help you on the next stage of your life journey.


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Our Education Movement

FAEC is committed to improving the life chances of BAME  children through our focus on developing the critical thinking skills of our learners whilst working to develop subject-specific skills. Our work with learners and institutions is helping to reshape the educational landscape.  We are working to reframe curriculums moving them away from the 'white lens' towards a curriculum that builds secure, empathetic reflective global citizens.


"Heartfelt thanks for stepping in to support me and the department over the past few months" 

Head of Department Sixth Form School SE London

Jo Harris



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