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FAEC is committed to improving the life chances of BAME  children through our focus on developing the critical thinking skills of our learners whilst working to develop subject-specific skills. Our work with learners and institutions is helping to reshape the educational landscape.  We are working to reframe curriculums moving them away from the 'white lens' towards a curriculum that builds secure, empathetic reflective global citizens.


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We are committed to improving the life chances of Black children and removing barriers to learning placed in their way by a failed education system.

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The Reincluded Project

The Re-included Project





​This pioneering project develops learners core academic and emotional skills. We utilise a blended learning approach building learners academic confidence whilst developing their emotional resilience.

This unique course engages  learners on their emotionality, teaches them about its power, encouraging them to harness it to improve their learning experiences and re imagine their lives. 

A key focus of the curriculum is Emotional Literacy, developed in conjunction with   Esther Armah, Executive Director of the Armah Institute of Emotional Justice (AIEJ).  

 The course is facilitated by 

academic and creative arts specialists.



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