We offer a wide range of academic support to learners including:​

  • GCSE/A-Level Tuition 

  • One to one tuition 

  • GCSE A level examination techniques

  • Report Cards

  • Mock Exams- marking and feedback

  • Small-Group Online Tutoring 

  • Adult  Distance Learning Courses


What We Offer


Diagnostic Testing 

Want to know what level you are operating at?
We offer diagnostic testing to assess to the level at which each student is working, this provides us with an opportunity to support your learner journey by developing a personalised learning programme.

Image by Aaron Burden
University Student

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Our mission is to improve academic outcomes for BAME learners through a range of interventions including curriculum innovation, confidence-building and traditional tutoring.

We know that finance is a barrier for families that want their children to access additional educational support outside of school.

Our Pay What you Can Model levels the playing field for low-income families, allowing them to access high-quality support at a price they determine.

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